STalon Stain Free

STalon is a new type of yarn used for the production of carpet.

STalon is a %100 Olifin Heat Set BCF yarn resulting from
STalon research and know how.

The basic material for STalon is Olifin and made through
a totally new advanced technique.

STalon NEW GENERATION. After extrusion, the yarn is twisted
& bulked in order to give more volume & to maintain a better
covering performance to the carpets. The thermofixed twisting
gives a magnificent painted effect to the STalon fibre carpet.
explains why the STalon carpet looks very much like carpets made

with natural yarn.

STalon is a continuous yarn. Consequently, STalon carpet produces
no dust due to broken fibres.

STalon yarn is used for tufting wall to wall carpets and rugs
in various
styles: traditional Eastern, original modern or
futuristic designs come
out very well.

STalon carpets are easy to fit and to maintain. Smooth vacuuming,
removing spots and thorough cleaning with shampoo (or even soapy water
or bleach!) are it's major advantages over other flooring types.

STalon fibre carpets are manufactured to last.



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